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Author Topic: Working with Zigbee and HM2007  (Read 13130 times)


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Working with Zigbee and HM2007
« on: December 24, 2008, 01:42:50 PM »

pls i would need help on my final year project. i want to use voice to control home appliances. I intend to use HM2007 IC, but i would like to control the devices wirelessly. Coonsidering the cost, since i would be controlling many devices, buying many tranceiver modules might be expensive, so i thought i could use a ZigBee. I dont kno much about this and i have been trying to read on it but am still confused. I do not kno if my choice of Zigbee  is the best to use without encounterin too much troubles. Also, i would like to know what interface to connect between the speech recognition device and the wireless device to actually control the devices. PLs, i need all the help i can get and all u kno on this. Thank you..................
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