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Author Topic: Easy light on off using motion sensor  (Read 6250 times)


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Easy light on off using motion sensor
« on: January 23, 2009, 10:02:44 PM »

OK after about 3 days made my first working macro
first step was to comfig the sensor set mine to m1 setup a 30 min delay before sending off code.

macros were easy after I figured out logic.
Although I have allot more to learn but getting your first macro running is very satisfying.

first i called lights on 1 for name
M1 triggers the macro (set for on trigger)

1 check for flag on (condition )
2 set 1 second delay (optional)
3 turn A4 on dim to 60%  (table lamp)
4 set flag on

this turns on light and prevents it from trying to turn it on every time it detects motion.

turn off
NAME   Lights off 1
M1 trigger set for off
set 1 second delay (optional)
turn A4 off  (table lamp)
set flag off

this one runs all day but if you use the next unit number up, for mine it would be M2.
motion sensor set for dusk to dawn operation.
when dark it will trigger on code during daylight it will not.

I know real simple and it still needs fine tuning but it's neat too .
for newbe fresh out the box anyhoo.
thanx to this board as well
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