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Author Topic: XPD13 Fluorescent Controll?  (Read 2775 times)


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XPD13 Fluorescent Controll?
« on: February 12, 2009, 04:32:35 PM »

Thanks for taking my call.  Long time reader, first time poster.  I apologize if this has been covered, I did do a search promise :)  Can the XPD13 be used with regular "garage" fluorescent lighting?



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Re: XPD13 Fluorescent Controll?
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2009, 04:41:20 PM »

you want to use a xps3. The xpd13 is a dimming module and fluorescent don't like dimming most the time.

The ws13a is the same just not a pro module

Remember the....
Important: A NEUTRAL wire is required to connect the WS13A Decorator Switch. Before ordering, please check your wall box for a NEUTRAL wire, usually found as a group of white wires capped by a wire nut and not connected to your existing switch. If this is missing, you will need to pull a neutral wire to that box. If you are missing the neutral wire you must use a professional electrician to have this switch installed
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