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Author Topic: 1 Camera Setup Questions  (Read 6771 times)


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1 Camera Setup Questions
« on: May 20, 2009, 07:16:57 PM »

I have the x10 XSC15 Color Camera, VA12A Video Capture Adapter & Active Home Pro Program with iWatchout & Smart Macros. I am in need of some assistance. I have hooked up the camera and adapter fine but have some questions as far as getting it to record during a specific time and specific days. I am also having trouble as to how the camera is recording. It is not recording the same size as in how you see it on the screen, the recording seems to be much smaller and looks like it's zoomed in a bit. These are my questions:

1) How can I set up a macro to get it to record lets say for example: Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm?
2) How can I get it to record properly, what you view on the Active Home Pro window and what is actually recorded if off somewhat?

I am new to this so give it to me in layman terms. I am using the Microsoft MPEG 4 video codec V2 and my settings are at 640 x 480  100% quality and 15fps. Thanks.
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