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Author Topic: Looping problems: solved  (Read 4811 times)


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Looping problems: solved
« on: July 09, 2009, 11:42:44 AM »



I have since downgraded my version of AHP to 3.228, as recommended on this forum. Things are much less erratic now.
I also realize I have a lot of interference from various devices.



Original post:

I have read a great deal on this forum on the subject of macros. What I want to accomplish is quite simple, I have an alarm system connected to a powerflash module to flash the lights. I can't use the flashing mode because all my lights are CFLs connected to appliance modules. So, what I have tried to do, as per some examples here is create three macros:

G15 on is triggered by the powerflash and sets a flag. I also have a dummy module set to this address.
G15 off is triggered by the powerflash and resets the flag to stop the loop.

G16 is the actual looping macro. I have tried conditioning it on the flag and the dummy module status, but it seems that once the macro starts looping it does not want to stop.

When I trigger the G15 off macro, I can see the RF command in the log, but the associated macro does not seem to execute. I can even see the status of the dummy module change to off, but the macro continues looping anyway, even though it is supposed to be conditioned on the status of this module.

Any hints would be appreciated!


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