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Author Topic: AHP Smart macros challenge  (Read 3158 times)


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AHP Smart macros challenge
« on: July 09, 2009, 03:39:35 PM »

Hi all,
I just recently got myself AHP with CM15A including several items i.e. EagleEye Motion Sensor (MS14A),Dimming Wall Switch Module (WS467), Lamp Module (LM465) and Socket Rocket (LM15A), Small Wireless Transceiver (TM751) and Credit Card Controller.
So I got quite exited and start experimenting.
I created a two simple macro with motion sensor, lamp module and wall switch module. My macro's trigger is motions sensor and the macro has condition to run between dusk and down. Here is the “ON” macro:
A2 On and
The time is between Dusk and Dawn and
Flag Status Off exactly 1
(B5) New LM465 ON
Delay for 2 Seconds
(B4) Test Lamp Brighten by 30%
Set Flags [1] Flag Command 

And “OFF” macro:

A2 Off and
The time is between Dusk and Dawn and
Flag Status On exactly 1
(B4) Test Lamp OFF
Delay for 2 Seconds
(B5) New LM465 OFF
Clear Flags [1] Flag Command 

Here are  some challenges and I hope some of you may be able to help me to address them.
1.   The Test Lamp module doesn't brighten to 30%, it goes to 60-70% every time. I can dim or brighten manually but not via macro.
2.   The wall switch module never brightens to 100% if dimmed manually before micro kick in.

Am I  missing something here? Is there any way around it?
Please  let me know.
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