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Author Topic: wired-wireless conversion module  (Read 7779 times)


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wired-wireless conversion module
« on: August 19, 2009, 12:15:06 AM »

would be a module that has an antennae protruding from it but no dials in the front, all it does is take the wired signal and converts it to a wireless signal to be used with wireless devices, also works with wifi modules (which will end up the next module type suggestion).

This is great for the previous suggestion of a sprinkler timer that is remotely controlled from inside the house.  It might be out of range for me to control it from my upstairs master bedroom in the upstairs-back-northwest side of the house, when the timer would be located at the downstairs-front-southeast side of the house.  I would plug the module into a socket that both has the wireless range and that works good with the wired control and this would be a great comfort.  turning it off manually right from my bedroom.
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