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Author Topic: Two home external lighting projects  (Read 18920 times)


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Re: Two home external lighting projects
« Reply #30 on: October 02, 2009, 01:28:38 AM »

Update ... I installed a second WS467 (lights near sliding glass door leading to the deck) and slaved an MS16A to it ... it turns the lights on every time, but it only turns them off about half the time.

I also tested both WS467 (front door and deck) with my HR12 and both are responding to all "on" commands and most (but not all) "off" commands (contrary to my previous tests of the front door, during which I could only turn the WS467 off by pressing its button).

I've read up on the XTB-IIR, and am sending Jeff a note requesting a bit of clarification on installation of the unit, but I believe I will give it a shot to see if it will make the difference ... the cost of the XTB-IIR (assembled and tested) will represent over a third of my total investment in X-10, but if it gets me over the hump to consistent, reliable performance it will be worth it.

Side note:  I think the article in Home Toys mag ( concerning the XTB-IIR should be required reading for anyone considering employing X-10 devices in their home ... it may scare some folks away, but it will allow everyone to go in with their eyes open and will greatly diminish the potential for disappointment.

Thanks for the link.  I am just starting into X10 myself and see the problems that can e faced from house to house.
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