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Author Topic: X-10 in an RV  (Read 6246 times)


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X-10 in an RV
« on: November 14, 2009, 10:02:34 PM »

I am thinking of setting up my X-10's as both security while parked and also while driving.  Have a Fifth Wheel trailer. 
1.   Where would be the best place to mount the camera?  Inside, I'd have to make a shelve where the couch would not hit it.  For driving, the signals would have to pass through the mirrored closet doors, fiberglass skin with aluminum frame then into my truck.  Inside would be wired but not for the outside for driving.
2.   Just how waterproof are the camera's???
3.   What would be good [DVD player?] to receive the signals in my truck while on the road besides a laptop?  Limited for space with my GPS and Break Controller.

  I know last year I attempted to set up my cameas for security but someone in the Resort had a couple of other make camera's running in his RV and all I was able to get was his views. 
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