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Author Topic: My occupied house without motion sensors  (Read 9788 times)


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My occupied house without motion sensors
« on: December 02, 2009, 04:09:11 PM »

    AHP 3.228

   Runs from interface


    I’ve been using X10 since the BSR/Radio Shack/Sears days and recently upgraded from a CP290 with X10WC on an XP machine to AHP on a W7 laptop.    I’ve used X10 in 5 homes since the 1970s, operating most of the lights and several “appliances”.

    I’m single and frequently away from home.  Therefore, I wanted to eliminate unnecessary timer-based lighting in the rooms of the house that I normally occupy.  But, when I arrive home after dusk, I want to light my path from the garage into those rooms.  And, should I later leave the house, those lights should automatically turn off.

   After some severe tinkering, I’ve come up with this somewhat complex solution:

   Modules (Addresses):
    Garage Door Sensor Powerflash PF284 (B5) with N/O magnetic switch
    Garage Lights WS467 (B6)
    TV Room Lamp LM465 (A4)
    Kitchen Island Lights WS4777 (A10)
    Phantom Module (B7) (ON at Dusk/OFF at Dawn)

    Flag 1 Set (House Occupied)
    Flag 2 (Day/Night)

    Macro 1 (Daytime – B7 OFF, Flag 2 CLEAR)

    Macro 2 (Nighttime – B7 ON, Flag 2 SET)

    Macro 3 (Garage Lights On)
     Trigger Conditions B5 OFF and
     Flag Status OFF -2
     End Trigger Conditions
     Turn Garage Lights (B6) ON

    Macro 4 (Garage Lights Off)
     B5 ON
     Wait 3 Minutes
     Turn Garage Lights (B6) OFF

    Macro 5 (Arrive Home @ Night)
     Trigger Conditions B5 OFF and
     Flag Status ON – 2
     End Trigger Conditions
     Turn TV Room Lamp (A4) ON
     Turn Kitchen Island Lights (A10) ON
     Set Flags [1]

    Macro 6 (Departing @ Night)
     Trigger Conditions B5 OFF and
     Flag Status ON – 1, 2
     End Trigger Conditions
     Dim TV Room Lamp (A4) by 50%
     Turn ALL UNITS OFF in the Kitchen
     WAIT for 30 Seconds
     Turn ALL UNITS OFF in the TV Room
     Clear Flags [1]

So, how does it work?

I always enter the house through the garage.
Garage lights are manually controlled with B6.
Garage lights are automatically illuminated at night with PF264 (B5 Off)
Garage lights are automatically extinguished with PF264 (B5 On)
(Since the garage door switch is N/O, the trigger logic must be reversed)

Phantom Module B7 is my Day/Night Flag controller…I use Flag 2 to control all Macros that trigger based upon Dusk/Dawn settings…it’s easier to program my macros with Flag 2 than setting individual module timers.

Since I don’t need the Garage Lights to illuminate during daylight hours, those lights are prevented from operating via Flag 2 Cleared.  I always want the garage lights to automatically extinguish when the door closes…just in case I turn them on manually and forget to manually turn them off.

When I arrive home after dusk, Flag 1 (House Occupied) is set, and the garage, TV room, and kitchen lights illuminate via Macros 3 and 5.  When I close the garage door, the garage lights extinguish via Macro 4. 

Should I later depart, I can leave the kitchen and TV room lights on.  Macro 6 turns those lights off and clears Flag 1.  Macro 3 turns on the garage lights when I open the garage door, and Macro 4 turns off the garage lights after the garage door closes.

Wish list:
(1) I’d really like Macro 6 to turn off my LCD rear projection TV with an AM466.  But, the TV features a cooling fan that operates for several minutes after the TV is turned off.  I’m concerned that the TV’s lamp life would be shortened…???

(2) How to tactfully explain to the fetching blonde that she should quit turning off those local lamp switches?


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Re: My occupied house without motion sensors
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2009, 05:06:28 PM »

Hi cantbreak80,

For your wishlist item to turn off the TV, you might try PC Companion combined with the X10 VCR Commander (search on eBay).  According to the PC Companion site, one of its many, many features is:

"Able to Unlock hidden X10 VCR Commander options and control multiple IR devices via the Commander Plug-in( also works with the IR Commander(UX17A)
Able use the X10 VCR Commander to string commands like TV power, TV channel3, VCR power, VCR record "

Using this, you could just send the "power off" IR command to the TV instead of just killing the power.  That way, the cooldown cycle would still work.

Another option would be Bill's Voice Commander and the USB-UIRT option. 

Neither of these options would cost a whole lot.  Take a look at their websites to see what other capabilities you'd be gaining in the bargain!

Hope that helps.

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