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Author Topic: Icon Remote  (Read 5872 times)


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Icon Remote
« on: December 05, 2009, 04:29:43 PM »

Just bought this thing, and am totally impressed!!  ;D  Very easy to set up and learn the codes for a RCA LCD TV (mother-in-law's).  Also very easy to add Favorites.
I was so impressed with the simplicity of this remote, I just ordered another one to control all MY stuff...JBL stereo/CD, Sony Bluray DVD, and Hitachi 50" plasma TV.  I just know it will work.
One suggestion:  use the 'Learn' feature...don't rely on the pre-programmed codes.  Once I did the 'Learn' thing, everything worked flawlessly.
This is just 'one man's opinion'.........I'm sure everyone else has their own...
Good product (as advertised), great price!!!!!!!!!!!   :)%
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