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Author Topic: AHP w/wired and wireless cam  (Read 4264 times)


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AHP w/wired and wireless cam
« on: December 11, 2009, 11:26:19 AM »

Having trouble viewing both wired and wireless cameras in Vanguard. I set up both cameras (see below) on AHP as Levitron wall switches (is there a better way?) so I can switch them on and off (which works). I set them both up in Vanguard as the proper camera and have double checked the codes. If I turn off the VR42A, I can view the Anaconda cam only (code A1), and if I turn on the VR42A I can view the Nightwatch camera only (code A2). How can I set up so I can view both with the VR42A on, since I wish to remotely access both cams via Vanguard and Logmeinfree while on vacation and can't be turning the VR42A on and off. Both cameras are plugged into outlets on same phase (and I've moved them around and get same results). Thanks.

I have:
Active Home Pro
Vanguard Software
Logmein Freeware to view via internet
USB Analog to Digital Video Converter VA12A
Anaconda Camera SC18A
NightWatch camera
Audio/Video Reciever VR42A
Eagle Eye Motion Sensor MS14A

Appliance module AM485
lamp module LM465
Slimfire KR19A
Socket Rocket LM15A
Palm Pad CR12A (?)
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