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Author Topic: x10 pro inline modules  (Read 3302 times)


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x10 pro inline modules
« on: January 10, 2010, 04:07:47 AM »

I have some questions for people that have installed and used any of the inline modules.  I am thinking of installing some and I want them to be somewhat accessible in the event that I have to perform maintenance or possible even decide to change codes.  First off where is a good place to mount these?  Also, are these like the pro wall switches that use both a neutral and a hot wire with an output wire to the light or appliance?  Are the dimming modules inductive load dimmers?  Does the sound of the relay type inline appliance modules get masked much when installed in other inconspicuous locations?

One application I am thinking of using them for is places where I have a ceiling fan with a light.  Whoever originally wired these only ran one power wire from the switch to the fan/light instead of separating the fan and the light to 2 switches.  I am thinking that if I tied the wires together from the existing switch to send constant power up to the fan/light, I can put 2 of these modules up by the fixture somewhere and use an XPT switch to control them.  This would essentially eliminate the need for me to try pulling a second power wire to separate the fan and light.  Not to mention if I pulled the second wire to separate them I would need another switch slot in the wall which I don't have.  Has anyone tried this kind of application and if so, how did you mount the modules where they were somewhat accessible without having to go into the attic to change the codes as needed?

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Re: x10 pro inline modules
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2010, 09:53:22 AM »

Yes they have three wires. Line; Load and Neutral.
You can get the Users Sheets in the Installation Instructions tab on the X1-Pro web site.
XPDF is the dimming fixture module
XPFM is the relay fixture module.
The users sheets also give you the modules dimensions so you have an idea of room needed.
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