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Author Topic: Lights, Camera, no action  (Read 4642 times)


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Lights, Camera, no action
« on: January 15, 2010, 02:21:00 PM »

I am new to the forum and hope this has not been answered before.  I have an entry light (A1), a motion detector(B1), and a camera (C1).  I want A1 and C1 to turn on if motion is detected after dusk till dawn. I want C1 only to turn on during the day. I wrote the following macro:
Macro 1:
conditions - after dusk and before dawn (B1) trigger
Select camera
Turn on lights(A1)
turn on camera(C1)
delay 1 minute
turn off lights
turn off camera
(else) Macro 2:
select camera
turn on recording
delay 1 minute
turn off camera
During the day the first macro runs and turns on the light.  Records for one minute, stops then crashes the program.  I know I'm doing something stupid, could anyone help?

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