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Author Topic: Vanguard feed won't upload  (Read 5285 times)


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Vanguard feed won't upload
« on: March 06, 2010, 01:31:58 PM »

I set up my Vanguard software on a brand new laptop with Windows 7.  I was able to connect to the site from my desktop (same network) and everything worked fine for a couple of hours.  Then everything seemed to freeze up.  I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling Vanguard.  The video and camera controls are now working fine on the laptop and the online button is lit and the status window shows "server online" with bytes being sent and received, but I cannot access the feed on the X10 site in either or  X10 tech support was also unable to login to see the upload feed.  They claim there is a firewall blocking ports 80, 443 or 8888 and that is what is causing the problem, but disabling all firewalls did not change anything.  Running their Network Gateway analysis scan with specific port requests with all firewalls disabled still shows no connection.   Any help would be greatly appreciated!   

Laptop Info:
Windows 7 Home Premium
Pentium T4400 2.2GHZ
4 GB Ram
Zone Alarm Extreme Security Suite with all Vanguard program listings set to trusted (shutting off ZAES changes nothing)
Pannaway RGN-210 (firewall enabled or disabled does not change anything) 

Desktop Info:
Pentium 4  3 GHZ
512 MB Ram  3 GHZ 
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