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Author Topic: Flood CAM with Vangaurd software Help!  (Read 4711 times)


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Flood CAM with Vangaurd software Help!
« on: May 06, 2010, 02:53:37 PM »

Hi All.  I have a 2 camera set up using flood Cams.   After having much difficulty positioning receiver (VR36A) in my bedroom to receive clear signal from both cameras, I have since relocated the receiver and the transceiver (TM751) to my attic and have run a long coaxial line from my attic to my laptop in the bedroom using USB Video cable (VA12A) and wireless PC Transceiver (CM19A).  I am using the Vangaurd program and have e-mails sent to me with still pics whenever motion is detected.  I'm able to switch between the 2 cameras from my bedroom using the remote and i get a good picture.  I then turn on the vangaurd system before leaving to work and have it set up to send me still pictures when motion is detected (1 picture every 15 seconds while motion is detected).  I have several problems and would appreciate some advice from the pros here. 

1.  When I get to work, I receive an e-mail with pictures of camera 1 that are fine.  I then get an e-mail saying there is motion from camera 2 and the pictures are also fine.  The problem is that when I get any subsequent emails showing motion in camera 1, the picture that is attached is just static B:(.  Every other e-mail I receive showing motion in camera 2, the picture from camera 2 is fine.  I receive e-mails all day from both cameras and camera 2 pictures are fine, but cmaera 1 pictures are just static.  Not sure if camera 1 is slow to pick up signal after it switches and that's why I get static picture? or if it could be that camera 1 is not turning on again?  Would I get email saying motion in camera 1 if camera 1 is not switching on?  I have my flood cams set to Manual Mode.

2.  Another problem I am having is that these flood cams are constantly picking up motion that isn't there.  I'm getting e-mails with pics about motion every minute or so and I have to constantly delete these emails so that my in-box does not get overloaded.  Is there any way to adjust the sensitivity on the motion for these flood cams?  I have some eagle eye motion sensors (MS14A).  Can I eliminate motion sensors function in flood cams and use eagle eyes instead?  It would be nice to only receive emails about motion when there is actually motion...

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