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Author Topic: Q. about IR32A/SRU8010 "sleep/wake-up" behavior  (Read 8089 times)


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Q. about IR32A/SRU8010 "sleep/wake-up" behavior
« on: September 01, 2010, 08:45:11 AM »

Hi all, newbie here.

I have a question regarding the IconRemote (IR32A, a.k.a. Philips SUR8010).

A few weeks ago I bought a "new" Philips SUR8010 off eBay... And before you ask, yes, I WAS seduced by the color LCD and the cute little channel icons. The thing was about 40 bucks shipped.

Well, let me just say that the honeymoon period, while intense, was very brief. I liked most everything about this remote, especially the ultra-quick wizard-driven device setup, and the programmable soft buttons with custom labeling.

There was just one thing that kept this remote from being a winner in my book (and it's a doozie): When the LCD screen went to sleep, the whole damn remote went with it. That is, when the screen was off, the remote was inactive. It required a keypress (ANY key) to first wake it up (and the LCD) and THEN once awake it would transmit, via subsequent keypresses.

Am I making sense? Here's an example: Let's say I was channel surfing... then I laid down the remote. A few minutes pass (LCD turns off in the meantime). Phone rings and I want to mute the sound. Well, pressing the mute button ONCE would only serve to wake up the remote (and light up the LCD). It WOULD NOT TRANSMIT the mute signal at that point. The first keypress would only wake it up. A second press of the mute button would be required to THEN send the command. Pretty screwy behavior if you ask me. I mean, why would ANY of the lower buttons (the ones below the "Home/Mode/Favorite" trio) and the POWER button, be required to "sleep" along with the LCD?! Not only that, if you woke up the remote using one of the "His/Hers/Home/Mode/Favorite" buttons it would turn on the LCD to whatever prior mode it was on, regardless of button pressed. Shouldn't it wake up at the mode corresponding to the mode button pressed? E.g. The remote went to sleep in "His" mode. You wake it up by pressing "Home." The LCD wakes up in "His" mode, not "Home." You'd need to press "Home" again to change mode. Again, screwy.  B:(

Suffice it to say, I couldn't get rid of this thing fast enough... Sold it to a friend at half the price. Full disclosure, said he didn't mind the bug. (Let's hope his honeymoon period lasted longer.  :' )

Now my question is, do ALL of these remotes (Philips & X-10) behave like this, or did this eBay seller pawn off a defective (early?) batch with glitch-y firmware? I'm asking because in all the reviews I've read (here, Amazon, etc.), there doesn't seem to be any mention of similar behavior. I would think (HOPE!) this kind of thing wouldn't go unnoticed.

If by some chance that I did get a dud, then I'd be willing to give it a 2nd chance and shop for a new one, maybe the X-10 version. In the meantime, I've settled with Sony's new RM-VLZ620. And while the Sony's an absolute bear to program by comparison, at least it functions like a conventional remote should.

Anyways, thanks in advance for any info you can send my way.



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Re: Q. about IR32A/SRU8010 "sleep/wake-up" behavior
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2010, 04:51:12 PM »

yup, mine does that. I just live with it.
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