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Author Topic: My ideas  (Read 6236 times)


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My ideas
« on: October 05, 2010, 11:59:36 PM »

I know most of them have been suggested. However. I always think its best to express what you want because if enough people want it x10 will follow suite.

1.) Optional Wireless Keypad
 Explained: I don't believe x10 should totally revise and redo all there product lines for a keypad. I think there should be an option wireless keypad.
This could now be implemented though AHP, Keep the old one press button option as I agree the convenience of this is amazing, however I would like
an optional keypad, wireless (Of cource) for maybe the kids.

2.) Folders Folders Folders
 Explained: Origination i find can get tricky in AHP, its bulky, displays all the info in the left pane. I think folders would be lovely Example: (Security Events, Remote Control, Ect) This would clean up the software and allow users to better organize there information

3.) Logs oh my?
 Explained: The logs in AHP are simply horrible, they dont have search options and the only filter i see is Transmit receive Rf and marcos.
 X10 has came along way since that I think we need better classification? Maybe the option to have rooms listed also be able to view
logs remotely.

4.) Ahhh Ahcmd
 Explained: My favorite. I discovered fast this one file can quickly become your friend, from creating a Window batch file to do commands, all the way to creating a web server to send commands with PHP. I think its simply awesome. I think we need a manual to explain in detail everything it can do. For example its hard to find clear information regarding securehomecontrolrf or any of the security features, and while where on security we should add clear info regarding that subject into this product manual.

I know its all been listed before but if its said enough one day they shale listen i hope!

Dan Lawrence

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Re: My ideas
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2010, 01:39:15 PM »

Do NOT bet the farm on that.

X10 seems to be brain dead except the several new versions of AHP recently.  As to this topic, apparently nothing here ever gets to the top brass at X10.   :( :(   
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