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Author Topic: Vanguard VA12 picture jitter  (Read 4644 times)


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Vanguard VA12 picture jitter
« on: January 26, 2011, 12:14:28 PM »

I have recently installed the vanguard software and the appropriate VA12 USB video capture on an XP system. The camera is a non X10 wired camera. The problem I am having is that there seems to be a low refresh rate with the video capture. My picture frames are jittery going from good picture to black screen. I did plug the camera into a standard video in on a TV and I am able to get a clean crisp picture.

Also I have it set up to capture pictures on a 10 second interval and I get one good jpeg with every 5 pictures. The other four are black.  B:(
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Re: Vanguard VA12 picture jitter
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2011, 03:57:30 PM »

I did find the problem. I simply upgraded to the latest Vanguard and the flickering stopped.
But now x10 and vanguard will not work together. I ended up moving the Vanguard software
to a different PC so that I can monitor my cameras. Recording is a another issue. Too many files
are created. Literally Thousands of AVI files are created. One file is 13meg and the rest are 45k.

I have decided that vanguard and x10 are garbage. I ordered a real video monitor card for my
PC/alarm system. My X10 system I had to also change. I use their software to monitor all the
door and window sensors and I use their software to call my software. >*<
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