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Author Topic: Live video window Locks all, unless process priority is set lower than realtime.  (Read 4449 times)


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Hello All, Newbie here!

I am running AHP 3.305, iwatchout 3.305, onalert 3.305, myhouse 3.305, smartmacro 3.305, with a VA12A usb capture device.  I have other X10 hardware and will report if needed.

On XP SP3, Dell Dimensions DV051, intel Pentium 4, 2.8 GHz, 1GB ram, machine.

System ran with no complaints for about 1 year, about 7 days ago I upgraded my software (first time) from an unknown previous version.  When the View live video window opens the PC freezes and video continues to stream to the video window in real time, but scanning stops.  If the window is bound, or unbound and  and AHP window is less than 50% of the screen everything functions but cpu usage nears 90%.  CPU usage by AHP is dependent on the size of the bound or unbound video window.  If another window or dialog box has focus cpu usage drops. 

If the video window is not opened, a pc freeze does not occur while scanning, recording video at 4 FPS max quality, and capturing automatic stills at 5 sec intervals max quality, the cpu usage remains below 50%.  Because of this I do not suspect the VA12A.  I have moved the VA12A to all of the USB2 ports during the trials.

I have cleared the AHP software per the wiki ( .  have tried to install the iWatchout and other plugins before AHP ... but always the AHP software is installed regardless of the plugin that I start with.  The Other odd thing is that my AHX file starts in AHP after a clear and the first plugin is installed even though I don't save out a copy (I'm willing to start over) .

Today I installed the new VA12A driver per the kbase ( and the driver shows in device manager correctly.

From another forum posting (trying anything) I set the account for x10nets service to the administrator account.

If an instance of AHP is running and I drop the priority for that process to less than 'real time' the pc won’t freeze but the mouse becomes jerky  From another forum post I set the 'compatibility mode' to win98 and this prevents freezing but both cause the activity monitor to stop updating.

I have tried to do all of my homework before bothering the forum, but I have failed to find a solution ... any help would be greatly appreciated

Thank you in advance,
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