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Author Topic: Media center pc control  (Read 9282 times)


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Media center pc control
« on: March 12, 2011, 02:23:38 AM »

I am building a media center pc and i was going to get this but wanted to know if the nstinct remote would work with it?

if it does work would it be better than using the linked remote ie; provide same functions?


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Re: Media center pc control
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2011, 12:17:17 AM »

IMHO the answer to that question is an emphatic YES!   ;D

i have just now been able to ditch ALL of my existing remotes and replace them with the nstinct.
tv remote - gone
cable box remote - gone
audio receiver remote - gone
media center (doubles as dvd player) remote - gone

the media center was the hardest to figure out, but it's in there, and you don't have to custom create the remote using the learn funtion 1700 times.  >*<
the remote i was using is VERY similar to the one you mention. here's the one i have...

i finally found the remote code to control my media center pc via the USB IR receiver that came with the remote.
the code is listed under DVD PLAYERS. browse through and select MCE.
there is only one version so save and test.
for a cleaner install i noticed you can select dvd as your aux device, and find mce there.
i also saw mce listed under aux/lcd as well. i didn't test that listing, but mce is probably mce.  ;)

i found remote controlling my media center was initially kinda sluggish and unresponsive, and was pretty discouraged...  :'(
but then i remembered there is another option under advanced that says wireless(rf).
i know all the documentation on the media center remotes say its an IR remote, but on a whim i changed the DVD mode to wireless(rf).
that's the SECRET.
it performs wonderfully now under both window media center and boxee... i now only need the NSTINCT.

now i just want to add that i am no x10 super fanboy and was not originally impressed with the instinct, in fact i got one shortly after it first was released and promptly SENT IT BACK. i was forced to try MUCH more expensive alternatives *cough* logitech *cough*, but wasn't super impressed with their wares either. so i was back to juggling remotes again... B:(
but a short while ago x10 was running a special where they threw in a recertified nstinct with any purchase so i ended up with a freebie.
that remote and a few extra minutes spent on this forum (which i wasn't aware of the first go round) had me up and running with 3 of my remotes handled in short order.  remapping the power button to chain multiple devices as well as mapping my tv's video input to other device modes were the two most helpful tips i learned on here.

with all the info i learned here and a little dumb luck i was finally able to solve my final remote dilemma and knock out my media center remote!
so here's my cheesy tag line - "for me, the NSTINCT truly is the one remote to RULE THEM ALL!" :)%
thank you X10!  #:)

PS. if anyone is interested in a barely used harmony remote, PM me!  lol 
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