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Author Topic: Review from q711179  (Read 8081 times)


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Review from q711179
« on: September 15, 2011, 11:18:30 PM »

I am working a video review but finding my appeal in front of a camera does not really suit me.  So here is a link to a review I typed up for my blog.

Here is the body of text without pictures.

The X10 Airpad boasts to be the best tablet for its price, under $200, and while it took a while to convince me that a tablet of any kind was worth the buying I decided to go with this one because it certainly fit in my price range for a test.  Its not that I couldn’t afford to pay more but most of the tablets currently on the market actually had greater specs than what I really needed for my personal use, since my phone already accomplishes so much.

A GPS is just too much for me since I already have a nice one in the car and my phone’s GPS is outstanding, so why duplicate? Blue-tooth? Again I have that on my phone and if I want to listen to music via a BT headset I can use the phone as well. A rear facing camera…you gotta be kidding me? What I wanted was a slightly larger display but not without sacrificing portability, and for that reason the 7 inch Airpad fit my need.

Here are the specifications taken from the web site.
X10 AirPad 7" Android Tablet Specifications
1.2 Ghz Rockchip 2918 Cortex A8 processor + 600 Mhz DSP
7" 800x480 resolution TFT LCD screen
Capacitive multi-touch, 5 point touch
Android 2.3, with Flash 10.1
2 Megapixel camera with video recording and playback
3-axis accelerometer
512 MB
4 GB onboard, up to 32 GB with microSD card
Battery Life:
6 hours movie, 20 hours music, 6 hours WIFI Internet access
WiFi (802.11b/g)
HDMI supporting 1080P output, USB
195 mm x 120 mm x 13 mm, Weight 400g (14 oz)
4000 mAh rechargeable lithium polymer

The 1.2 Ghz processor helped the interface clip along without any problems, and comes with a generic android 2.3 which I find kinda dull and so added ADW Launcher for a little more functionality and pizzazz. I haven’t had much problem with the system running on a 7 inch display but on rare occasions some items might not fit, though it hasn’t really occurred enough to be noticed or a problem. Basically it feels just like using my android phone but with a much larger display. The basic screen keypad was too small for me, so I added the Swiftkey app and that works great, especially on a 7 inch screen, I liked how the horizontal pad split in the middle making it easy to reach all of the keys, a few dollars for this app is well worth it.
The Display
When reviewing the 800X480 resolution I was somewhat concerned about the quality of the display, but once having it in my hands this has not been a problem at all. Pictures look very nice and videos are quite clear and crisp. I downloaded a MP4 T.V. show and it looked really good. Obviously I am not a photographer that cares about picture perfect quality but I have absolutely no dissatisfaction with the display and wonder now why this was so concerning to me.  The capacitive screen is very responsive as well, and the 3-axis accelerometer for viewing vertical or horizontal images is zippy and very responsive. The Airpad weighs in at 14 oz. and was comfortable to hold, but does get warm to touch after awhile.  The Nook is slightly thinner but weighs a little more at 15.8 oz. and was comparable in comfort to hold. I had hoped that the two were similar in dimensions and a leather case could be swapped out but that won't work.

The Camera
In front is a 2 megapixel camera that is adequate for use with skype (hint, be sure to go to settings and enable video) phone calls. I have not used any of the other video calling programs at this time. Here is a link to a video I have posted. You will notice the picture looks wavy when the camera is moving. Hah!

There is 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of memory on board with up to 32 GB from a microSD card, so no problems with storage. An HDMI port is on the side supporting 1080P output and a USB port as well.  I have not tried the HDMI and probably won’t for the foreseeable future as I have no need for it, however the USB port intrigued me, having seen it on so few of the available tablets.  I tested it out with a basic wired keyboard and it worked extremely easy. I must say I was impressed and the thought of combining this with Google docs has me thinking I may use this device more than I originally considered.

Charging and Battery
There is a separate charging device with a cord that is just a bit too short in my opinion, and it was the only method I found to work for charging, the micro port and USB port both did not work for charging. This was a disappointment and reminded me of some of the complaints made regarding the early Galaxy tab.  The 4000mAh battery seems to be keeping the company’s claim of 6 hours of movie, 20 hours music, and 6 hours WIFI access. I have found android users to be very particular with battery usage and so I have kept a watch on programs using battery power, though I have found it best to keep the display always on while charging.

X10 claims that this device is a Kindle and Nook killer.

Prior to receiving the Airpad, I had made plans to get rid of my Kindle, but in my opinion it is still a one of a kind device and it stays.  E-ink and the light weight of the Kindle keeps me coming back for when I want to simply read a book, so a no-go there for me.  I have not owned a Nook but was considering getting one when this came out.  The USB port was a big factor with my decision, but mostly it was that the Airpad is a fully operating android system device supported by the company; not requiring root access like the Nook.  The Airpad is ready right out of the box whereas the Nook needs more help than I care to put in a similar priced device that offers little in spec improvements.

I have spent far less time with the laptop since getting this device and find the portability that the Airpad provides with its 7 inch display makes this the perfect tool for my use.  The option for an easy to hook up full sized keyboard was a bonus, and while the resolution was a concern comparing specs on paper, I found that with actual use, it was very satisfying. I plan on using the Airpad for simple web surfing that does not require the use of my laptop, catching a quick show on an app called Crackle or one that I have already downloaded, simple note taking using Thinkingspace, and catching up on email. All these things I could have done with my phone but I wanted to enjoy the larger display while keeping the portability of the 7 inch format.



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Re: Review from q711179
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2011, 01:37:02 PM »

I suggest you try to use the video chat in Skype, and then report.
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