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Author Topic: VA11A and VA12A - Interesting find  (Read 5879 times)


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VA11A and VA12A - Interesting find
« on: September 23, 2011, 04:17:06 PM »

I have found as others have, with the VA12A and/or driver, appears to be a CPU resource hog; but all works fine other then the CPU maxing out.  Just obtained a VA11A, removed the VA12A installed the VA11A with the proper drivers, restarting PC, etc.; video works albeit there is a noticeable lower quality difference from the VA12A (darker picture/video).  But with the VA11A plugged in, none of the motion sensors (MS10a, MS14a and MS16a) work, or more specific it appears that the CM15a looses connectivity through the USB.  Or possibly communication issues with the USB and the CM15a, but the VA11a works.  ???  So Motion Sensor sends RF signal to CM15a and CM15a does not relay to light modules, macros or BVC listners, etc.
If I unplug the VA11a and close AHP and restart AHP without the VA11a then all is well again.

Has anyone had similar issues or can someone shed some light on this issue?

System is:
Pentium IV 2.4Ghz
Windows XP pro SP3
AHP 3.316 with CM15a
ActivePhone Pro
Smart Macros
iWatch Pro
iWatch mobile

Many Thanks,
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