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Author Topic: I have to exchange my Airpad  (Read 2575 times)


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I have to exchange my Airpad
« on: November 08, 2011, 12:11:45 PM »

So I never really realized that there is a weird zone on my Airpad. I installed the Touch Test.apk that was on the Airpad and started messing around with it. Then it started to make sense an issue that I was having.

I normally use mine in portrait mode. So I kind of have noticed that I always have issues typing the "g" or "v" key. Since I guess I don't really use them much I never really noticed. Now that I am using the Airpad more I started noticing hitting the Apps button and home button on the screen don't always react like I expected, but I thought it was the screen protector or my fingers. However in landscape mode never a problem.

Now that I installed Touch Test.apk it runs a little applet with a grid on it that shows where you are touching. I now notice that I cannot trace the line right vertically down or up the middle in portrait mode. Also I cant trace the same line horizontally in landscape mode. This kind of stinks. It is the line down the exact middle of the screen in portrait mode that is weird. If I try to trace the line it jumps from side to side or up and down (depending on orientation) any other line I can trace with my finger. It almosts looks like that trick app or webpage that everytime you hover your mouse over the exit button to click on it, the button moves. If I trace the line, the result is to either side of where I am actually touching. Very weird. I tried a couple different ROMS and didn't fix the issue. Also a couple factory resets didn't do anything either. Frustrating thing is I got the screen protector on this one perfectly! And now I have to send it back  :(

I just got my RMA. So now I will send it back. Has anyone exchanged theirs? Is it a painless process? Im sending it back tomorrow.
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