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Author Topic: aps??  (Read 3992 times)


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« on: November 21, 2011, 10:52:51 AM »

New to tablets but have droidX, so droid has market to get apps
airpad needs to go to android
The I try to get a free app, but it asks what phone my device is...
No tablet option, the download but app is no where on tablet...!?
also constant warning about this side is unsecure..!?
Android market should be secure right..?
How do I get apps on my new airpad...?
Thanks ya all...



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Re: aps??
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2011, 02:06:31 AM »

I have been unable to install any apps on this AirPad! There is no Android Market anywhere on the machine. I would have thought that that was a part of the Android operating system, but apparently not. Anyway, you are supposedly able to get to the "Amazon App Store", but I couldn't get that installed, either.

The installation process seems to think you have a phone, and it tries to get your number so it can send the software to your phone, but that does nothing for a tablet that is not a cell phone. Another process tries to send you a text! I wouldn't expect and I don't think the AirPad can send/receive SMS messages.

The vendor,, provides documentation that tells you to go to a site to download the Amazon Market, but it doesn't work.

Brian H

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Re: aps??
« Reply #2 on: December 04, 2011, 07:04:02 AM »

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Re: aps??
« Reply #3 on: December 12, 2011, 12:16:36 AM »

I just learned how to get apps from Amazon onto my Airpad 7p.  Sorry not to have screenshots of all the screens, but this link has some of them:

I had gone to the Amazon Android store looking for free games apps, of which there are quite a few (I have Mahjong Deluxe now), and the app wouldn't download.  In tiny print in the box under the "Sign in" button there's a link about how the buying process works, and from there Amazon has a very fuzzy page about downloading and installing the appstore app. Those instructions are not the ones you want, the link above is the one.   I managed to follow the procedure shown:

1. In Settings - Applications, make sure "Unknown Sources" is checked,
2. Open Browser
3. go to 
   If you know that "Unknown Sources" is already checked, just click the link above! :)
4. A download arrow icon appears next to the Home icon as the app downloads.
5. Swipe the new icon.  The downloaded installer is shown, touch it so it can install.
6. When it's done, you will be able to use the Amazon Appstore whenever you need it. You will have to sign in each time as usual.  Many apps are free or really cheap.  The sign-in page tells you that you are enabling the 1-click.  I assume it's just for the current session.

You may immediately see a list of apps to get, right after installing. I had a wish list, that may have been why I saw this list.  Or hunt around the appstore until you see the app you want.

For whatever reason, the one I wanted was shown in a list.  I touched the "Free" button and it changed to a "Get it" button.  I touched that ( I guess that's the 1-click, actually two clicks) and after a few minutes watching the progress bar, it was downloaded.

I touched something, I think, to install it after the download, and then had a choice to launch it, which I did, and I like it a lot. Mahjong Deluxe has 9 arrangements of the tiles, which is plenty for me. :)  Now it shows in the Launcher view and in the Downloaded Apps view.

Hope this helps.  Why the appstore app wasn't pre-installed, I don't know.

The Amazon Android Store apps will install on Airpads. (Some apps may have special requirements). There may be other android app sources that each need their own installer (Google, I think).  The newer airpads are said not to work with the Android Market appstore anymore. This is my first Android, so I'm happy to be able to play Mahjong.

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