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Author Topic: Home Sentinel Cameras  (Read 7441 times)


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Home Sentinel Cameras
« on: December 04, 2011, 06:20:08 AM »

I have a couple of wired cameras from "Home Sentinel" which have been very reliable in outdoor service, mounted under a roof overhang. They are IR cameras having built in LED's, (which do NOT have the tell-tale red glow) and are true night vision as they operate even in 0 lux.
They are BW, image quality is decent, although you're not going to read license plate numbers. There is some "streaking" when facing directly into the sun.
They are powered from the monitor, although I suppose a tech savvy person could fabricate an adapter to power them and tap into the video signal.
These were purchased after experiencing the very poor low light performance of the X-10 "night vision" cameras.
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