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Author Topic: Swann Wireless Digital Camera  (Read 9936 times)


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Swann Wireless Digital Camera
« on: December 04, 2011, 06:46:11 AM »

I purchased the Swann wireless digital camera and receiver sold by Canadian Tire.
The good:
Very compact receiver unit.
Flawless wireless reception, antenna orientation  not at all finicky.
Excellent motion detection.
Convenient use of Xd memory cards, so much easier to review on computer than rewinding and fast forwarding tapes!
Reasonable resolution when viewed on computer, you can recognize a person, but you're not gonna read license plate numbers.
Excellent night vision.

The bad:
They claim this is a colour camera. What joke. Sometimes a hint of blue in the sky, and the bricks on my house do show up with a bit of colour, but really, almost everything is in black and white.
The VGA resolution is horrible when viewed on a TV. Better when viewed on a computer. I can't understand why in this day and age security cameras can't offer decent resolution!
The IR LED's give off a noticeable red glow.
The camera mounting does not allow it to be hung from above.
If there is a power failure, even momentary, the receiver shuts off, and needs to be manually powered up when power is restored. This is pathetic, because, if you're not home, and relying on this for security, and there is a brief power outage, you are left with NO security! Just plain dumb design! I suppose this can be gotten around with a UPS power supply, but, really, should that be necessary?

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