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Author Topic: For Sale - Ocelot and Adicon modules and XTB-llR signal booster - X10 and more  (Read 1658 times)


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If I don't sell them here then I will put them on e-bay.

I have for sale, accepting offers

one - Ocelot

two - Adicon 2500 SECU-16
one - Adicon 2500 SECU16-IR

one - XTB-llR X10 Transmit Booster/ Repeater

Also have a V572A all whole house X10 Transceiver

I also have lots of X10 modules -(CHEAP) extra ones are great for turning on Christmas lights and trees around the house

my e-mail is



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I have been using the Ocelot here for the last 8 years with almost perfect reliability.

I'm obviously curious why you are selling it.

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