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Author Topic: Lorex Eco LH110 Security Camera System / DVR  (Read 81328 times)


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Lorex Eco LH110 Security Camera System / DVR
« on: February 25, 2012, 12:39:21 PM »

I purchased the Lorex Eco LH110 4 wired video camera with Digital Video Recorder (DVR) sold by PC Richards.

The good:
- 8 Video Channels
- Slim compact receiver unit.
- Excellent motion detection.
- 500GB hard disc drive; with second HDD slot for expansion.
- Convenient use of USB port for back up and firmware updates
- Reasonable resolution when viewed on computer.
- Excellent night vision up to 60 feet +/-.
- It has two (2) camera mounting holes and flexible position/angle adjustments.
- The DVR unit has NO power switch. When power is interrupted, it will cycle back to the normal DVR recording settings. SO when so are on vacation, you dont have to worry about the video recording.
- Remote viewing via Internet Explorer; Android Mobile; iPhone Mobile; BlackBerry Mobile and the Symbian OS.

- Then I added another Lorex Eco 110 Digital Wireless Camera (range 60 feet approx). Very good reception and does not interefere with the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Signals.

- Dusk/Dawn transitions tend to get over exposure.  The camera has a mechanical switching when it senses environment light is getting dark. It turns on the IR and swithc to B/W mode for night vision. There's nothing wrong with the camera unit, its just that it happens during that transition. There are still some light and it switched to IR night vision.

- Motion Alarm/Trigger - email notification.  This part I really didnt like how the program determines how it sends the snapshots.  What the unit supposed to do is that when you set-up the area of motion detection and if it senses or triggers the alarm, it should send a series of snapshot to your specified email address.  What I experienced with this unit is that the DVR kept on sending the snapshot of first 2 cameras randomly. I have 8 Camera installed with the system.  I have already turned down the Sensitivy down from 9 to 3. I may have to tweak the settings to fix this.

- The IR LED's give off a noticeable red glow but I think it is like this for any IR LED capable cameras.


Current Security DVR / Camera setup:
- 4- Wired Lorex Eco Camera
- 1- Digital Wirelss Lorex Eco Camera
- 3- X10 Wired B/W Low-Light Cameras


The Lorex Eco DVR provides peace of mind and dependability without breaking the bank. This 8-channel bundle includes four indoor/outdoor cameras and a 13-inch LED monitor. Energy efficient, light-weight and compact, this monitor will suit business settings that have space constraints as well as homes that require a small foot-print solution with a consumer-friendly component design.

* Instant Mobile Viewing on today's major mobile devices, such as iPhone, Blackberry, and Android
* H.264 network DVR with a 500GB hard drive with 100% duty-cycle
* Pentaplex operation: simultaneous viewing, playback, backup, and setup
* Supported recording resolutions: D1 (720x480), 2CIF (720x240), CIF (360x240)
* Camera feature infrared filter for accurate color reproduction in all lighting conditions
* High resolution AIS (Advanced Image Sensor) 480 TV lines
* Lorex Pure Flat lens eliminates image curving
* Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard for easy connection to the Internet
* Free LOREX DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service) for advanced remote connectivity at all times
* MFG Brand Name : Lorex
* MFG Model # : LH1845L13B
* MFG Part # : LH1845L13B
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