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Author Topic: Airpad 7p w/ICS -Pandora Problems, Flash & More Issues  (Read 3744 times)


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Airpad 7p w/ICS -Pandora Problems, Flash & More Issues
« on: March 16, 2012, 01:10:03 PM »

When connected via the HDMI the video and audo work fine on both displays. When the first song is over and the new song starts the audio switches back to the external speaker on the Air pad.  This is not good when I am listening to audio thru my stereo receiver(from HDMI). (I have found that if you click the power button off and then back on the audio switches back to HDMI output till the song changes again. )

* Also have the following problems with ICS

FLASH -  No flash sites work at all (I have tried several browsers) ex.  - No flash player error

Flash and my cameras - Since flash does not work on ICS I also can not view my cameras on the Airpad. - As stated in other forums -  Can load a movie but when movie starts there is no video (no vid on either display)     


Default browser is very slow - I installed other browser and they are better ( Opera, Dolphin) Still NO FLASH SITES WORK with any browser!  If you have HDMI connected the videos from Youtube are only displayed on the HDMI. However the taskbar and other icons are displayed on both displays. (the Video on the Airpad is blank if it is beig displayed on the second monitor)

Facebook - FB App not supported.  Did find alt. programs but very glitchy.

Google Play - NOT A GOOGLE SUPPORTED DEVICE -  I have a PG Server and when trying to login it says not supported.  App is on Google Play market and tGP Market is not supported on this device.

Rear Camera - Wishlist

These are just a few HICCUPS from ICS.  X10 Support please help fix these problems. These are just a few of some very common apps that have been around for a while.  Otherwise this is just a portable Youtuble and Internet browser. (Not worth the $150 because I will still have to carry my orig. tablet so I can access my cameras and Netflix, etc...).

Good points.  - Overall I have many apps that work for tracking sports and ebay.  It is just the perfect size and weight. HDMI output as a 2nd display is fun with a USB mouse and keyboard attached.  ( Video is not the best quality but $150 for Video on Demand and portable device)

If you can get these Apps working I would buy a device for every HDTV I own. 


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Re: Airpad 7p w/ICS -Pandora Problems, Flash & More Issues
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2012, 06:29:07 PM »

Some of your problems can be fixed by installing the latest firmware. You can find it here:

This will fix your problem with flash and the browser performance will be better as well.

Skype video and Netflix will need to fixed by those companies.

Your HDMI issues have not been reported before. Hopefully these problems will be fixed as well. Please let me know.

If you would prefer the most stability and widest software compatibly, your best bet would be to install the Gingerbread version of the software which can also be found at the link I posted above, until all of the bugs are worked out of ICS.


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Re: Airpad 7p w/ICS -Pandora Problems, Flash & More Issues
« Reply #2 on: March 16, 2012, 11:32:59 PM »

Thanks Support,

I will try the latest firmware and let you know..

I have called tech support twice in regards to these issues.. Now I asked support if I should got GB ver and was told not to.  And neither time did support ever ask me my FW version or told me to update the FW,

Either way I will let you know after I apply the update!

Thanks for the response
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