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Author Topic: Airpad XL Review Needed  (Read 2384 times)


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Airpad XL Review Needed
« on: March 17, 2012, 02:04:20 PM »

I've searched on Google and Youtube for reviews on the Airpad XL and could not fide any, all I found was a few reviews on the old Airpad 7 inch that had that white plastic frame and one youtube video was just a un boxing of the Airpad XL, no review.
It would be nice to see some reviews so I know if it's worth spending 250 bucks on.

I checked the Product review form and all the reviews seemed to be for the older X10 tablets.

I'm trying out a Nextbook Premium 7 Tablet I got at Biglots and for 130 bucks it's very good but the battery life is not so great about 3 hours of on and off video viewing and web surfing with the back light at full brightness and WIFI on. It has no hardware volume buttons but does have Home, Back, Option, and Search touch sensitive buttons on the bottom of the unit and I prefer real Buttons like the 7p because you can see them in low light a environment  and find them by feel in complete darkness.


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Re: Airpad XL Review Needed
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2012, 06:38:17 PM »

So far the XL is working great for me....we have a workaround for google play(market) so getting apps is no problem. Doesn't have all the real buttons u want but i have found them easy to find and use.
hope this helps.
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