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Is there a Computer Interface firmware bug?

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Author Topic: Computer Interface (CM15A) & Remote Control Chime (SC546A) - Screech/Scream!!!  (Read 5022 times)


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I have placed a motion sensor (MS14A) & Remote Control Chime (SC546A) in my front porch which works fine {both set on I-7}. I programmed my Computer Interface (CM15A) to turn on my front porch light-Flourescent Decorator Style Wall (WS13A-L){I-3} and my kitchen light-Flourescent Decorator Style Wall (WS13A-L){I-4} to turn on at dusk.  After updating software programs and firmwares on my desktop & uploading them to my Computer Interface just last week, I noticed when the lights at dusk the chime starts Screeching/Screaming!!! To turn it off the annoying sound, I have to unplug it.  This never happened till I updated it.  It happens also if I go to the AHP program with the Computer Interface plugged with via the USB and turn on the lights on (sometimes just turning one on only, sometimes if I keep turning it on/off).  It happens on certain occasions & not all the time.  Is this a bug?

Brian H

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The latest AHP has two light tabs. Old Lamp before Soft Start and Lamp Modules.
Which list did you use for the WS13A?
Should really not matter as it is a relay type switch. Though I do remember seeing someting here on the WS13A being sent Extended Commands by mistake.
Try redefining the WS13As from the Old Lamp (Before Soft Start) tab.

The problem is the SC546A. Some hardware revision ones. Screech when receiving Extended Commands.
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Thanks for the quick response!

I did what what you said and think it should work.  I've read on a few posts last year that the reasons why the remote chime gets triggered in a screeching mode is because of 1) extended codes (from turning on/off) &/or 2) turning multiple items on/off within 1.5 seconds.  Looking at the 'Activity Monitor' it appears normal...w/o the extended codes.



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The chime will go into alarm mode when it gets two extended code commands on the SAME house code, within 3 seconds.
  The house code is the ONLY thing it sees and is NOT selective on unit codes!
Somehow, as you stated no extended codes being sent, it is responding to on/off codes as well?
  If you could put one of the lights on a different HOUSE code, that should keep the chime from screaming.
  There are posts about this behavior, and I found out the hard way that the chime will do this!  It isn't documented in the "instructions".
  A work around that you could possibly do in AHP is to create a macro that is triggered by the motion detector on one house/unit code, and the chime is on another house/unit code as per your description, the chime screams at dusk when the motion detector senses dark.
  Also, as per your description, and BrianH said, make sure the module type in AHP, is NOT a dimmer as that would send extended codes instead of on/off.
  Bottom line... put the chime on a totally different house/unit code, make SURE that NO other modules are on that code, and create a macro that runs the chime.
  I had to do this as I was having a similar problem....
give it a try!
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