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Author Topic: WantList?-Bluetooth-GPS-GoogleAps-RearCamera-Case, Screen Protector  (Read 8926 times)


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WantList?-Bluetooth-GPS-GoogleAps-RearCamera-Case, Screen Protector, Car adapter

you asked!


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Re: WantList?-Bluetooth-GPS-GoogleAps-RearCamera-Case, Screen Protector
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2012, 05:20:20 AM »

As far the screen protector is concerned, AirPad XL comes with it, sort of. It comes with two plastic sheets, like most of electronic equipment with some sort of screen. These sheets are generally thin plastic clear sheets that seems to stick to surface due to static charge. once removed, it is hard to put back.

Xl too has similar sheet on the back but one on front screen is  more like a protector screen. Although a sticker in the corner says to remove it after set up but it really does not need to be. I only removed the sticker and the sheet is still there and working as good as any screen protector will.

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