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Author Topic: AS Cam keeps moving; Exposure 60Hz/Outdoor; SD Card codec  (Read 1946 times)


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AS Cam keeps moving; Exposure 60Hz/Outdoor; SD Card codec
« on: May 22, 2012, 11:05:42 AM »

First, thank you X10 Repair Depot for monitoring and responding here on the forums.  If anyone else has these issues or a clue for solution, please chime in!

Got my first Airsight last week - and here are the immediate 3 problems, of which the first renders the camera useless:

1.  The camera is mounted upside-down, and I lock the shot down to point out of a living room window into an apartment building courtyard.  A few hours later, it will turn itself inward, pointing itself at the vertical blinds I have hanging inside.  I have to log-on and click a memorized setting for it to point back outside.  The picture is also upside down, so I open OSD to find FLIP activated as it should be.  I have to deactivate "FLIP" and re-active it to get the pic the right way.  A few hours later, repeat the above, and this continues all the time.

The setting I stored as memory #1 seems to reset to the inside view to the blinds.  So I use 2 and 3 (back-up) for the outside courtyard view.  That's all I want the camera to do.

BUG: Why does memory #1 not hold my setting after I save it?  Only 2 through 9 position memories stick.  Is #1 some kind of factory default?  During a reset, it goes to this #1 position (could be a clue as to why this is happening).

BUG: Why does the camera turn itself around by itself after a few hours?  Is is self-resetting and defaulting to memory position #1.  If I could get my settings to save to #1, then the self-reset wouldn't be so bad.  As it stands now, this makes the camera useless.

Q: Could it be going to memory #1 by itself?  Could Motion Detection or auto-iris exposure during change in daylight be triggering this?

2.  The camera will sometimes open and close shutter repeatedly when outdoor sunlight moves, or even at night when the courtyard lighting doesn't change.  After I log-on, brightness/contrast does not solve this - every exposure setting is bad).

What does cure it is clicking OSD, then moving from OUTDOOR to 60Hz, then back to OUTDOOR again.  The auto exposure is great after that; at least until the next lighting change.  Shouldn't the "OUTDOOR" setting automatically adjust iris and not require intervention?

3.  Removing the SD card and putting it into a Mac to play the QuickTime file requires a plug-in to cover the codec, but it does not say which codec.  I tried loading this into a professional editing software (Avid Symphony, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro) to no avail, and even Adobe FLASH's latest software will go through the motions of converting it to a playable Flash file, but then the file gives an error during FLASH import after the conversion seems to go through.

The files appear to be AVI QuickTime, but will not open and if converted in FLASH, come-up as a solid white screen.

Thank you!!
Hollywood, CA.


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Re: AS Cam keeps moving; Exposure 60Hz/Outdoor; SD Card codec
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2012, 02:10:09 PM »

I don't have any solutions and I experience the same things as you only with more added on.

I suspect what you are seeing for #1 is your camera rebooting every so often and going to that default position.

I agree 100% with the uselessness (and the fact the 'outdoor' setting is nonexistent? in some interfaces).
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