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Author Topic: Lamp module momentary mod  (Read 4688 times)


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Lamp module momentary mod
« on: June 12, 2012, 03:27:39 AM »

I see there are a coulple of mods for the appliance module, but is there any similar mods for a lamp module PLM01/LM465 to make it a momentary switch?

When I look at the schmatic I see there are two choices for a 330K resister.  One that comes off of the 1n4148 diode on pin 7 of the IC and the other which is on the triac. 

When I remove the 1st resister, the module is dead.  So I reinstalled and and removed the second 330K resister and the module seems to behave completely normal.   At the same time I noticed the 100K resister was not soldered into place (by design? or qualtity control?)  so I went ahead and soldered it in correctly, but still did not give me the desired results.

Any suggesions on a mod to make a momentary lamp module?

Brian H

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Re: Lamp module momentary mod
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2012, 06:24:13 AM »

You are to modify the older LM465 before they completely redesigned them with a surface mounted controller and 5 volt power supplies? The ones with no supply regulation and 5 volts goes down from the added current driving the triac as you change the brightness.  :'

The momentary mode for the appliance module works because of its design. It has no memory of if it is On or Off. So if you send it an On and it is On already it used a sensor to determine if it needed the relay pulsed. When you take the sensor off the output. It thinks it is Off and will pulse a few time to try and turn it On before giving up.
Lamp modules don't have that type of electronics and maybe why trying to momentary it will not work.

The new CFL friendly Appliance modules are also a completely new design. New surface mounted IC and electronics to go with it. Not sure if the momentary mods work for those either.
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