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Author Topic: X39A (.264) Software MISSING buttons to search, update etc.  (Read 2371 times)


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Here's my problem. I just bought 4 cameras. They all work. The problem I am having is with the software in IE. When I open the PARAMS icon I get my list to the left. Then for instance I'm trying to set up the Multi-Device Settings. On the right side of the square box I only see two icon boxes. The top one only shows 1/3 of the icon with only Se showing. The second box is 1/3 showing and has no lettering in it.  Then on the bottom I see what looks to be 4 icon boxes at the bottom of the screen. Problem is that it is the top line of the rectangle Icon box apparently to click on to do certain things. There is not enough box to allow me to click on these icons to do what it is suppose to do. Therefore I cannot set up 4 screen operation of my cameras. I must open each camera in 4 separate IE browsers. I am up to date in Internet explorer, Operating system XP. I talked to a rep at x-10 (Jeff ext 2611) who says he never heard of this and sent me firmware updates to fix this. The 2 firmware downloads are system Ir_cmos_17_35_2_41 and WEB UI_20_9_5_15. In system tools I cannot get these to show up in Upgrade Device Firmware because it is looking for Aps Files (*.aps) and these are not. Now of course, they are closed for the day. I bought these on July 5th... so time is slipping past for my 30 day warranty.

These missing buttons are not showing up in many categories. Device info to the right only half, Video Info Bottom Right Half icon,Motion Detection ?, Alarm Settings Half on right,Basic Network settings Bottom right, Missing. Etc etc etc. This software is useless.

I also have one camera with severe stop and stalling around 180 degrees on each side... with jerking, stop, then jerking and finishing. It is not smooth.

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Re: X39A (.264) Software MISSING buttons to search, update etc.
« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2012, 08:06:30 AM »


If you ordered this on July 5, then you should already have the latest firmware on the camera. Since you have 4 cameras all doing the same thing and this is not a known problem, I think that it is unlikely that you have 4 bad cameras.

I suspect that your problem may be with a IE configuration or security setting that is stopping the active X control from working correctly. Try changing these settings in IE or try using an alternate browser.

If you need it, the instructions for installing the firmware can be found here:


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Re: X39A (.264) Software MISSING buttons to search, update etc.
« Reply #2 on: September 19, 2012, 07:49:27 PM »

If you are using Internet Explorer to view the Airsight IP Cam Software, Try Opening the View Pulldown and select zoom and set for 50% This may shrink your screen to where you should be able to view the runover button information. Hope this helps. You may have to adjust your Monitor resolution to a higher number EX: 1280x1024.
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