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Author Topic: DS-7000 Operation  (Read 2052 times)


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DS-7000 Operation
« on: January 11, 2013, 10:46:51 AM »

Basically, the question is: “Does the DS-7000 re-arm itself after an alarm event, or perhaps it stays armed, even after an alarm event, until disarmed”?


I come home to all lights on in the house.  I’ve always had problems with the sensors triggering when heat turns on during winter (BTW, I’d love a solution for that … right now I keep moving sensors and retrying), so I figured false alarm.  No big.

I go into house, check DS-7000 and indeed it shows a zone tripped.  I go further into house to check which sensor is that zone, and alarm goes off and all hell breaks lose.

I go back and hit disarm.  The lights were on (not flashing), and the siren wasn’t sounding, so it was more than four minutes after trip.

Read manual, no avail.  Perhaps I am wrong in my thinking … I thought, like lighting a match, once tripped, there was no more “retripping”.  Perhaps the sounders stop after four minutes, but the DS-7000 stays “live and armed” until disarmed.

So, that begs an understanding on two scenarios:  1) Someone is in the house, alarm trips.  They don’t leave, but continue to move around, retripping motion sensors.  Does the DS-7000 continually “re-trip”, therefore pushing the “four minute siren timeout” back, i.e. the timeout only starts after sensors report no additional trips?  And 2) They run out and hide in the bushes.  Sirens stop but lights are on.  Police don’t show up, so what the hey, they go back inside.  Is the DS-7000 still armed (or re-arms itself) and then trips again and lights re-flash and sirens re-sound?

Manual talks about using DS-7000, but little on how it works in practice.

Thanks for advice.
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