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Author Topic: Filter something heavily then turn on/off behind the filter :)  (Read 1255 times)


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Filter something heavily then turn on/off behind the filter :)
« on: January 21, 2013, 03:20:32 PM »

Just thought this might be unique enough that it may help someone else so should share it....

have a few computers, cable modem, on UPS so they had to be filtered of course from the rest of the office system or they killed all X10 sigs.....  So filtered they are.....

Along comes new fangled Motorola cable modem for our new 30+Mb/sec to speed us up (10 of us all with computers, 3 voip lines, fax voip line).... Well new modem crashes regularly!  Knocks our speed down to 1mb/sec, crapping phone lines.....

3 modems later, same thing.  For political reasons I cant mention here, we cannot raise any more flags with cable company......

Solution:  set timer and turn modem off then back on at 5am every morning to prevent the 30 hr crashes....  but how?  it is deep on the other side of the filtered power?

Plug in a TM751 on filtered side of UPS!  Now X10 every morning resets the modem thru an RF command from macro triggered by a fake appliance module. 

NO one said we can't have x10 sigs on the OTHER side of a filtered network   :)

Hope this helps someone else.
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