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Author Topic: Using SC1200 dialer with cell phone via Cobra PhoneLynx (BT 215) and PagePlus  (Read 2786 times)


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Thought this combination of components and service might be of interest out there.  I needed to setup an SC1200 alarm system with motion sensors for new house that will remain unoccupied for month or two until remodeling has been completed.

* So I purchased Cobra PhoneLynx Bluetooth Cell to Home Phone Connection System (BT 215)    The cheapest one I found, that had great reviews

* Took crusty Sprint Palm Pro 850 smart phone off the shelf reprogrammed to work on Page Plus  (a technically involved...overview is here   With little homework, you should be able to find used $30 Bluetooth cellphone to port    I had to open a chat to have them enter my ESN into the pageplus system.  YOu can buy pageplus compatible cell phone from PagePlus or Ebay to avoid this hassle.

* Activated the phone on prepaid service ($10 for 100 minutes, 120 days).

Works great like champ....$3.33 month cell service for security purposes.  I may keep as permanent solution vs having dedicated VOIP line

PagePlus uses the verizon network (Known to have the best coverage in the nation)

  Side note. Not sure if this issue was caused by the refurb sc1200 or the cell phone or the combination setup.  When dialing in, certain digits are missed by the sc1200. In my case I made my PIN the same single digits like 0000 or 5555 and press till the pin is accepted.  Then 0# or 0* to disarm/arm consistently works.  For my purposes this worked great. In fact, I the  sc1200 caught the  friends of seller sneaking in to take things out the house late evening the day of the closing.  Wasn't happy since this is considered breaking and entering and promptly changed the locks the next morning. The dial out to notify works perfectly.
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Thank you for the detailed write up.  #:)
Helpful from me.
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