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Author Topic: Not the Same Old Forum!  (Read 8622 times)


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Not the Same Old Forum!
« on: December 19, 2013, 09:39:42 AM »

Although the forums look similar to that prior to the old X10 going belly up in July 2013, is it the same? ::) :'
Sure all the info is there, members are still here to help, and it looks very similar!
This forum is still not the place to complain, but a place to get help and share experiences.

Authinx took up hosting the forums again the also are trying to keep x10 hardware available at a higher quality. :)%
In fact they are working to get all the old x10 servers up and running again.

I've been working closely with the new owners and the new X10 IT guy to get the forums working and fix broken links and banners the old company had in place.
Over the past week users may have noticed the look of the forums changing daily.
You may have also noticed the version slowly climbing (now up to date). :)%

When the old company went belly up many (including me) tried to preserve the info found here.
We realized the info contained here was invaluable.
If you feel Authix is on track then say Thank You so much for returning the old forums.

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