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Author Topic: There Be Zombies in my System  (Read 1543 times)


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There Be Zombies in my System
« on: March 02, 2018, 05:48:47 AM »

I've got an X10 system running on a CM15A programmed with AHP.  I only run AHP whenever I need to make a change to the CM15A.  Otherwise, the CM15A remains plugged into a wall socket with no USB connection.  There are a number of timers on the CM15A, mostly disabled since they're used when we take our annual vacation to give the home a lived-in look.  These timers have the corresponding modules disconnected in the house.  There is an appliance module that is assigned to a macro.  It resides in the bathroom heater which is turned on by an HR12A.  After 15 minutes the heater is turned off.  This was asked for by my wife as I most always forgot to turn it off.

I also have a heater in my basement computer room which is plugged into an appliance module, and turns on at 7AM, off at 11PM.  There's also my computer lamp which is plugged into an appliance module which is on a disabled timer.  There's a downstairs hall lamp with an active timer to turn on at dusk and off at 11:15 PM.

I have Alex10 installed on another computer for Alexus.  There's a CM19A wireless transceiver plugged into the same PC.  It communicates with a TM751 and has been working flawlessly.  I have no automation programmed into Alex10.  There's no other X10 hardware in the house.

Everything was on house code 'G'.

I then bought the WM100.  It's my plan to install all the lived-in timers to it prior to going on vacation this year.  I'm hoping by that time I can put my only macro on the unit whenever X10 develops firmware to handle macros.

I decided to  add the downstairs hall lamp to the WM100 and use its built-in timers, which I did.

Low and behold, it did not work although it did using the HR12A's.  It's plugged into a LM465.  When I changed the device in the WM100 to not dimmable then it works, just doesn't dim.  I ordered some Some PLM04's, which came in today, and it works fine as a dimmable control with the WM100.

I've also installed all my lamp and appliance modules on the WM100 without any other timers.

Since I no longer needed the timers on the CM15A, I deleted them all along with the associated modules and emptied the deleted modules in AHP.  I left the bathroom heater module and macro in the CM15A.

Here's the Zombie part.

The next day, the basement heater turned on at 7 AM and off at 1 PM.  The computer lamp turned off at 10:30 PM.  The original times in the now deleted CM15A timers.

So - I unplugged the CM15A and removed the batteries.  It sat for 12 hours like this.  I checked AHP to make sure the only settings were the one bathroom module and associated macro before updating the CM15A.

The next day, the timers again turned everything on as if I'd done nothing.

I've changed the house code from 'G' to 'D', redid the CM15A and the WM100.  That has killed the Zombies.

I have the AHP Hardware Interface set to 'Transceived Code == D'.  I'm not sure what, if any, effects this has on anything.  The HR12A's worked on the modules I have plugged.  And the bathroom macro works.

Any thoughts?


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Re: There Be Zombies in my System
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2018, 07:01:02 AM »

You need to go into AHP with the cm15 connected do the following in order.
1: From tools Purge delayed macros and timer events
2: Clear interface memory
3: besure the timers and macros are deleted in AHP
4: Empty the AHP recycle bin
5: under file click save as todays date
6: under tools/hardware configuration click update interface
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