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Author Topic: Requested new features for WM100  (Read 2206 times)


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Requested new features for WM100
« on: March 14, 2018, 05:34:45 AM »

First, I am thrilled that X10 has released a new device to help bring the X10 community into the real world of wireless. The WM100 installed easily and has worked without any hiccups. Good Job!

I am not posting this as a poll yet as it contains several ideas I have not yet seen mentioned. If there is support, I will break out into separate topics with a poll attached. These should all be App software related and can be down without firmware updates or stress to the hardware limitations.

1) Scenes: Lots of generalized "make scenes better". I'd like to see an exit routine to control device events when a scene is stopped. Perhaps just another list of actions. This would allow devices activated by the scene to be shut down if desired. This can be kludged by adding another scene that does the shutdown, but makes clutter and too many steps of stopping existing scene and executing another scene to be convenient.
2) Scenes: It would be nice to calculate and show remaining time in a scene that includes delays.
3) um506 relay module: There needs to be a way to identify this device so when the mode is set to "pulse", the device state does not stay "on"
3) Device View: Much has been said about reordering the list. I'd like to add to this a request to provide a more condensed view/summary. For example an array of color coded labeled buttons instead of a full row per device. A long press could enter setup but not necessary of current display was kept available.  This would be useful under Rooms and Scenes as well.


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Re: Requested new features for WM100
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2018, 09:04:41 AM »

1,2 and the second 3

#1 nice to be able to stop a scene and not have the device frozen in their current state.

#2 The only one I run up against daily is #2, I would like a timer as well.

2nd #3 Slimming down the devices or even half-lining them (2 per line) would be nice. is nice to have dimming right there on the device line.

A different one, been mentioned before, an "On" and an "Off" available for each device so as not to have to change the device to the correct function by hitting the on/off button several times.

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