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Hello every one . New person here. Well at least to the forum.
I have been using X10 for many years.
So my question is with the SC1200 Security Console
I would like a

Remote numeric keypad that can arm/disarm the system? I have contacted X10 and they say that is not an option.
What about using say a Raspberry Pi that has a touch numeric keypad added to it to do all of the functions that the  SH624 Security remote can?
If so Id need the how to on creating it :)

Has anyone tried using other security wireless keypads with any success?

Now I know I'm going to here,, Why not just use the SH624 and be done with it. My wife freaked when I explained another remote in the car to
Arm/Disarm a security system. She also commented that if someone broke into the car  :)

Thanks in advance   rob

Brian H:
The SH624 uses an RF Frequency of 310MHz and security protocol for Security functions. To do security related things.

So you would have to have a Keypad that has the proper RF frequency and protocol to be used by the SC1200.

I seriously doubt any other wireless consoles remote keypads would work. Every vendor uses their RF frequency and protocol.

Same for a wired in one if you wanted to hack the SC1200.

The PiX10Hub and Home Genie  maybe able to do something. I an sure others will post their findings.



Thanks Brian for your response.
Something told me that this was not going to be all that easy.

I have thought about a hack.
Tear apart the SH624, solder leads to each of the buttons I want to use and connect them to a keypad that has
a NO contact that is activated with the correct code.

I have an old KR10A that I thought Id try to use but its finished. Left the batteries in   ( melt down )   http://forums.x10.com/Smileys/default/sad.gif

It is unfortunate the the designers at X10 didn't think about a remote keypad, but then again I'm usually the 1 that thinks up the weird stuff.


It is possible to create an app that runs on a old phone or tablet. I did this years ago. It would allow 3 false button combination presses before locking and triggering the alarm console.
Using a pi  with the PiX10Hub you could do a simular setup or just log into Homegenie and trigger an arm disarm or panic call to your security console.


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