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Hawkeye unit code wrap around


I plan to get a hawkeye MS16A, which uses two consecutive house/unit codes for motion and light sensors. (Light unit code = Motion unit code + 1)

Just of our curiosity, what happens if I set the motion sensor address to A16 ?  Will the light sensor wrap around to become A1 ?

Or will the light sensor be disabled?

Brian H:
The manual does not cover that.
I have seen posts here where it wraps around.
So motion A16, Light would be A1.

The +1 unit code for lighting control does wrap around from 16 to 1 on the MS16A, and I've used that in my setup before.  The wrap-around also occurs on SS13A remotes, XPT keypad transmitters, and PR511 floodlights, which have triggers for +1/+2/+3 unit codes.  Actually, I don't think I've encountered any X10 branded device where the unit code doesn't wrap around.


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