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Author Topic: Funny  (Read 4574 times)

Steve in SW Florida

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« on: June 12, 2005, 03:39:42 PM »

I fell behind at home a little so it took me
a little while to follow through. I just
sent my documentation to my credit card
company to get my money back. I had tried
repeatedly with Michael from x10 to no
avail. So I turned it over to my credit card
Just to fill you in on my setup. I was
taxing the CM15A incredibly. I had 2 macros.
And they never worked correctly. Just turn a
light on, wait 5 minutes and turn it back
off. X10 replace my first CM15A and that
fixed my macro problem, but broke my RF
range. My range dropped to about 10, maybe
15 feet, direct line of sight.
The thing I find so funny is that I hadn't
visited this forum in quite some time. And
now that I have, it is exactly the same,
just the date has changed.
As soon as finances allow, I am going
Smarthome I think. Although LON with power
line control might be solution in the future.

Good luck.
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