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Author Topic: A typical X-10 live chat...  (Read 3784 times)

jeff w

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A typical X-10 live chat...
« on: July 18, 2005, 08:36:46 PM »

 Jeff W ) I got my RMA number. I want to
uninstall AHP I'm running XP HOme SP2. I go
to add/remove programs and try to remove it
and it says "the win16 Subsystem was unable
to enter protected mode, DOSX.exe must be in
your autoexec.nt and present in your PATH.
Now, I've seen this error with other 16-bit
apps (like the old AH 1.42), but AH runs
fine. Why can't I remove AH PRO???
( Trevor ) Give me a minute to find your answer
( Trevor ) I do not know. The AHP software is
a 32 bit applications. That fact that you are
getting that error is confusing.
( Jeff W ) could it be because i have both AH
and AHP on the same system?
( Jeff W ) please walk me through a manual
( Trevor ) I do not believe so. There is no
manual unistall for the software. You
basically have to delete the program groups
and any registery keys listed in windows
registery regarding the AHP software.
( Jeff W ) what names would the registry keys
be under?
( Jeff W ) can you send me the list of keys?
( Jeff W ) how about this - what program gets
run to uninstall?
( Jeff W ) what I want to make sure I get rid
of is the activity monitor service
( Jeff W ) hello?
( Jeff W ) H E L L O Trevor are you there?

(After 10 more minutes of inactivity I gave up)

way to go X-10 (sigh)
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