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Author Topic: AHP update to v3.199 available  (Read 5949 times)

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AHP update to v3.199 available
« on: December 15, 2005, 04:52:30 PM »

Just a few changes in this update. The next
update will be in January.

- Fixed a bug that could cause update lists
to not display and possibly crash AHP.

- MyHouse: Fixed problem with camera
switching states not being updated correctly
on Remote Client.

- MyHouse: Fixed problem with certain window
state interactions causing a crash on the
Remote Client.

- MyHouse: Fixed missing error message for
connections blocked due to time of day

- iWitness: Fixed a problem with recorded
video being truncated.

- iWitness: Added overlay of camera names
into video window using View menu in video
window, or Preferences.

You can download the update installer
directly from here:

You can install the previous version (3.198)
using this installer:

If you have any problems with this new
version, please let us know.
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