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Author Topic: No video  (Read 9335 times)

dan washuk

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No video
« on: May 20, 2005, 01:02:30 PM »

I have been unable to get the IWitness plug
in to work. My camera and receiver work
great when plugged straight into a TV, But
through the active home program with the
IWitness plug in I have no video. I have
looked at the hardware profile and I see the
x-10 driver installed, I also see x10 va11A
under USB controllers. Is there a way to
completly de-install the plug in and then
try to reinstall???  What do you suggest???
Any help would be
appreciated....Thanks.......Dan Washuk

donald mcmow

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Re: No video
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2005, 11:22:11 AM »

A couple of things:

#1 - When you run AHP do you get any
notification that the VA11A is not
connected? You should get an error window
pop-up if AHP can't find the interface. If
AHP dows not give an error then things
should be OK. You might want to close AHP,
dis-connect the interface wait for a second
and re-connect it, then re-start AHP, and
check again for a picture.

If AHP doesn't give an error then try
hooking up the video out from a VCR or a
camera to the VA11A and check for a
picture. If you don't find one then you
might have problems with the interface.

I have problems with getting Windows to
recognize the interface as being connected
the first time after a
suspend/hibernate/powerdown of my laptop.
The initial connection would always cause
the OS to recognize it as a new USB device
WIZZARD. When I cancelled the wizzard,
windows would respond with an error, but if
I did the dis-connect/re-connect sequence
then windows would recognize the VA11A and
install everything and AHP saw the
interface as well. In your case since
Windows recognizes the interface and loads
the drivers there has to be something else
wrong. Are you using the same receiver for
your test on the TV? And using the same
video connection?

NOTE: The VA11A must be connected and
recognized by Windows BEFORE you start AHP,
otherwise AHP won't recognize it.
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