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Author Topic: iWitness/X10 Cams need updated controls.  (Read 7540 times)


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iWitness/X10 Cams need updated controls.
« on: November 18, 2005, 10:46:13 AM »

Well, I have been experimenting with X10
cams/iWitness/controls/adjustments etc for
several weeks now and am "somewhat" happy.

Here are my observations and wishes.
1. X10 cams focus is not very sharp and some
seem to have outer fringes out of focus no
matter how hard I try to focus them.

2. The video adjustment controls are for
"all" the cams and need to be user
controllable for each cam.  Some cams may be
in brighter sunlit areas while others may be
under more cover.  The result is a light
washout for some cams and others may be ok.
i.e. a night vision cam is washed out while a
color cam deep under a covered deck needs a
bit more adjustment.

3.  In my video adjustment area, I noticed
the "auto" and several other adjustments were
"greyed" out.  Did I miss a possibility of
seperate cam control here ?

4. The video quality of the USB capture
device is marginal.  Adding a vid capture
card ($15.00) brought better quality from the
cams and showed smooth motion from a ninja
mounted cam.

5. The VR31A gives a better picture quality
than the 36A, especially when connected to a
cheap PC TV input card.

6.  The microphones on the X10 cams are
excellent.  Mount a tiny tube on the cam,
covering the mic hole and you can receive
directional audio from "great" distances.

7. I am still working with a B/W night vision
cam, wondering why it doesn't give me much
"night vision" even with 2 flood lamps
activated. Another case of washout during the
day and the need for seperate video
adjustments for each cam.

8.  When recording Stills, Snapshots, Video's
etc, the naming convention used for each
picture(file) is way beyond us "standard"
users. While there is logic there for date,
time etc, it gives most of us no clue when
looking through the file or picture list.
Maybe a file naming revision would be in
order for us "standard"

Enough for now...
Looking forward to info about the Internet
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