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Author Topic: what is the price to upgrade Active Home Professional to include My House Online?  (Read 26189 times)

richard miller

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I already have Active Home Professional. Is
there and upgrade price to add My House

steven j. marty

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It was $49.99.


Tony Olson

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I could of swore that I read that there
wouldn't be a charge for future AHP updates
that included the Internet add in (this was
last year sometime). I was having enough
problems at that time with the
hardware/software. Now it's $50?

thomas olsen

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There was a special year-end price
advertised for $49... it inluced
EVERYTHING... ActiveHome Pro, SmartMacros,
iWitness, AND My House Online.

Would like to think you wouldnt have to buy
the whole package again to get a decent
upgrade price.

steven r

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  • Halloween with X10

It seems shame to buy the whole package and
toss the hardware in a drawer when I just
want My House Online and maybe iWitness.
How about software package deal for those
of us who already have the hardware?
BVC let's me tell my camera where to go!
:) Murphy is my beta testing pal. He helps me find problems whether I like it or not. :)

joe s

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I went ahead and got a 2nd module with the
plugins (I was missing the smart macros) so
that I would have a spare to modify and see
if some of the mods I've seen mentioned
work. It looks like they are getting close
to making it work like it should !


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Yea I agree!!!! It is crazy that X10 would
not offer us a decent upgrade price!! I
also would like to think I don't have to
buy the whole package again to get a decent
price!!  X10 will give it all away to the
newbies for $49.99 and charge us the same
dang price for one new plug-in!!  Not a
good way to keep your tried and true
happy!  Please if anyone has any pull at
x10, take care of us!! I bet every compaint
acounts for a hundred people that don't
take the time to post.  

X10 Pro

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If you don't see an offer that fits your
needs, you can always call our sales line to
see if there's a promotion that has in it
what you want. Our salespeople are good at
finding the deals among our many offers.


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Thanks for the response "X10 Pro".  I tried
calling twice and both sales reps told me
the best they could do was $49.99 for just
myhouse online.  One even talked to a
manager (I think)and said it was the same
price in the AHP everything package.  I
don't need AHP again and another
intrerface.  I just want to add one
plugin.  Most of us would even pay a fee
for the plugin.  But to have the fee for
one plugin the same as the package seems
crazy.  You would make more money by
offering the pugins (you give away free)
for say $19.99 to the hundreds of us that
don't want a whole package.  Heck, it might
even be nice to offer it to us for $14.99.
I'm not asking for free, but a fair price
offer for one.  Other wise I am forced to
by the whole package.  (I guess I could
give the extra stuff away, or ebay.) Thanks
for listening and I still love your


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The price is YOUR SANITY!!! :o

Dan Lawrence

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Considering all the connection problems that plague  My House Online and the X10 server, I'd stay away. You will go nuts trying to make it work.  Saving the price will be the smartest thing you can do.

AHP is solid as the proverbial rock - until you add a plug-in. Then the problems begin.
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